Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Aamir’s passion for the health and fitness industry began soon after he moved to Northumbria University to study a (BSC) in Physiotherapy. Due to the intense nature of the subject, Aamir found it difficult to commit adequate time to Football and Athletics; two sports he participated in competitively. The only option was use of a University gym which remained open late each evening. It was at this stage Aamir began to take a real interest in changing and developing his physique.

Admittedly it took a long time before any noticeable different were evident. The varying amount of contrasting information, differences in body type, lifestyle challenges etc resulted in a slow and often stressful progression. However, through persistence, trial + error and consistency, a sustainable method was soon obtained.

Aamir has won MIAMI PRO in London by placing first in the Fitness Model Category. Later that year Aamir also placed first in the UKBFF Men’s Physique Class in Belfast. He has twice qualified for the British Finals. Most recently Aamir competed in New York where he won his WBFF Pro Card in what is the biggest Fitness Model Federation in the World.

During this time Aamir worked as a highly successful advanced Personal Trainer at David Lloyd Belfast, while working in various locations around UK and Europe, for Northern Ireland u16’s Football team as their Physiotherapist. He now works at DW on the Boucher Road as an elite Personal Trainer and Physiotherapist.

The website has been devised to showcase Aamir’s Knowledge and understanding of current techniques and relevant information to optimise body composition and general health. It will also focus on common injuries both within the gym and various competitive sports and how they can be avoided or rehabilitated.

Experience and evidence based literature will be the forefront of the information you will find here and as always, no information will be shared with regards to training or nutrition that has not been tried previously.


Based in Belfast Talitha was an avid gym user. Talitha would be the first to admit that she was one of those members that stuck to the cardio machines because I didn’t know what she was doing. Talitha would watch girls/guys in the weights area and attempt to teach herself what to do. Talitha would suggest that she did not have the drive at the time to make the changes that she needed.

Talitha, now wife of Aamir was inspired by her husband. Talitha & Aamir started training together working on knowledge sharing on weights, proper lifting procedure and healthy diet. When Talitha saw the changes in her physique she was absolutely hooked and fell in love with the fitness lifestyleWith seeing the changes to my physique I was hooked & fell in love with the fitness lifestyle. Talitha then started following bikini fitness girls that motivated and inspired her to create a better version of herself.

Since then Talitha has competed in different bikini federations placing top 3. As well Talitha has taken part in photoshoots as well to show all the hard work achieved in the gym & through dieting.

Talitha completed her 1st 12 week transformation coached entirely by Aamir in preparation to compete in her 1st bikini fitness show.  Talitha’s last show was WBFF NYC and became pregnant 1 week after. Going from being in the best shape of her life to being pregnant Talitha found it difficult to adjust to taking it easy with training. At the start of her pregnancy she had to stop training all together with feeling sick/ tired. Once I hit 12 weeks Talitha was right back at the gym and started doing body weight exercises, flexibility then soon introduced weights again. Talitha also noticed when she wasn’t able to train she felt tearful & depressed.

One thing that Talitha would like to stress is that it was safe for her to exercise throughout her pregnancy. On Talitha’s due date she even went out on a run in an effort to bring on pregnancy (it didn’t work). Talitha strongly believes because of her training & good diet throughout my pregnancy she had such an easy labour, her waters broke naturally and baby Aamira was born within 10 minutes. Within 2 weeks after giving birth Talitha was back to her normal weight. If Talitha can do it so can you! We are here to help you take that step.

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Change your lifestyle and still have those treats at the weekend. It’s all about finding the right balance. We want to give you the motivation & confidence to make yourself believe you can do anything you put your mind too.

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- Aamir Ishtiaque